“Surya Namaskara” 200-hour training

This training approaches the physical tools of Hatha yoga around the well-known circle of reverential postures called Suryanamaskara. It is the best-known sequence of modern yoga and has a deep spiritual significance as well.

“Virabhadra Namaskara” 200-hour training

This training centers around a series of warrior positions, which yield inner strength and stability. It can be used to support physical endurance, but from the traditional point of view, the most important battle we will have to encounter takes place in our hearts. Yoga prepares us to overcome our lower self, with a combination of physical practices and regulated breath.

“Kriya-yoga” 100-hour training.

While it is undoubtedly essential to take good care of the vehicle on our spiritual journey, the physical body, the essence of yoga is the inner quest to find our true self. Kriya-yoga approaches yoga as a tool to achieve stillness of mind. In this training, you will learn to apply the tools of yoga to directly bring the mind into a state of stillness. Moreover, you will learn some of the most powerful and transformative techniques that combine sacred sound, regulated breathing, and mudras, or hand gestures, to bring about a transformation.

Study with us and get certified on RYT 200 and RYT 500 levels!

If you are interested in the RYT 200 level competence, you should participate in one of our 200-hour training. If you wish to go all the way to the RYT 500 level, you have two options.

  1. You have already completed an RYT 200-hour training with us. Now you can complement your studies by doing another 300 hours with us, combining 200 + 100 trainings.
  2. You have already completed an RYT 200-hour training elsewhere. In that case, you may qualify to complement your studies with a 200 + 100 training, consisting of two separate parts.

We don’t currently offer a continuous 500-hour training at one go, since it is difficult for most people to find 2,5 months away from home. It is also more meaningful that after completing your first 200-hour training, you start teaching and gain practical experience.

If you are interested in completing 500 hours, in one of the ways mentioned above, ask for a private call where we assess your background and competence, and try to find the most suitable solution for you.


The yoga Teacher Training Course at Bhaktivedanta College Yoga School can be attended without special requirements. Some experience in practicing yoga is needed, of course, required but beginners are also encouraged to register.

Depending on the profile of students, they are split into smaller groups if required, based on their level of expertise. A small number of participants (maximum 17) guarantees the individual attention of trainers and personalized feedback.

The package prices also include Yoga Philosophy online course (no separate registration is needed). The price doesn’t include local travel.

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